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LakeStateLatitudeLongitudeElevation (meters)Elevation (feet)
Boeng Chak PeaKhett Batdambang13.2666667103.5826
Boeng Chamlang ProuNA11.2333333104.96666671033
Boeng Changho AndengKhett Kampong Thum12.65104.58333331136
Boeng ChanlaohNA11.2666667104.9333333723
Boeng ChanlongKhett Kampong Cham11.9666667104.98333331033
Boeng Cheung LoungNA11.3104.9333333723
Boeng ChheutealKhett Kampong Chhnang12.4833333104.6723
Boeng ChheutealKhett Kampong Cham11.9666667105.1166667826
Boeng Chheuteal SrotKhett Kampong Cham12.1166667105.51666671446
Boeng ChhpoesKhett Kampong Thum12.5333333105.08333331446
Boeng ChhpungKhett Kampong Thum12.7104.71136
Boeng ChhveaKhett Kracheh12.3333333106.01666671756
Boeng ChichraNA12.0333333104.9930
Boeng ChiporKhett Siem Reab13.1333333104.1666667826
Boeng ChiporKhet Siemreab-Otar Meanchey13.1333333104.1666667826
Boeng Chong SarayKhett Takev11.1166667105.0166667413
Boeng ChorKhett Siem Reab13.1166667104.16666671136
Boeng ChorKhet Siemreab-Otar Meanchey13.1166667104.16666671136
Boeng Chrouy PreahKhett Siem Reab12.9833333104.36666671136
Boeng Chrouy PreahKhet Siemreab-Otar Meanchey12.9833333104.36666671136

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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