Silk  $4,000  
Jute and other textile bast fibres, n.e.s., raw or processed but not spun; tow and waste of these fibres (including yarn waste and garnetted stock) $9,000$15,000$53,000 
Vegetable textile fibres (other than cotton and jute), raw or processed but not spun; waste of these fibres$83,000$522,000$1,182,000$987,000 
Synthetic fibres suitable for spinning$14,030,000$12,959,000$14,797,000$17,760,000 
Other man-made fibres suitable for spinning; waste of man-made fibres$4,849,000$4,981,000$4,378,000$5,712,000 
Wool and other animal hair (including wool tops)$120,000$16,000$1,000$16,000 
Worn clothing and other worn textile articles; rags$39,738,000$29,200,000$26,403,000$32,214,000