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Military branchesRoyal Thai Armed Forces (Kongthap Thai, RTARF): Royal Thai Army (Kongthap Bok Thai, RTA), Royal Thai Navy (Kongthap Ruea Thai, RTN, includes Royal Thai Marine Corps), Royal Thai Air Force (Kongthap Agard Thai, RTAF) (2017)
Military service age and obligation21 years of age for compulsory military service; 18 years of age for voluntary military service; males register at 18 years of age; 2-year conscript service obligation (2012)
Military expenditures1.5% of GDP (2017)
1.45% of GDP (2016)
1.44% of GDP (2015)
1.41% of GDP (2014)
1.4% of GDP (2013)

Source: CIA World Factbook
This page was last updated on January 20, 2018

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