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Caribbean, located in the Leeward Islands (northern) group; French part of the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean Sea; Saint Martin lies east of the US Virgin Islands
Geographic coordinates
18 05 N, 63 57 W
Map references
Central America and the Caribbean
total: 54.4 sq km
land: 54.4 sq km
water: negligible
Area - comparative
more than one-third the size of Washington, DC
Land boundaries
total: 16 km
border countries (1): Sint Maarten 16 km
58.9 km (for entire island)
temperature averages 27-29 degrees Celsius all year long; low humidity, gentle trade winds, brief, intense rain showers; hurricane season stretches from July to November
Elevation extremes
lowest point: Caribbean Ocean 0 m
highest point: Pic du Paradis 424 m
Natural resources
Population distribution
most of the population is found along the coast, with a largest concentrations around the capital Marigot, Orleans, and Grand-Case
Natural hazards
subject to hurricanes from July to November
Environment - current issues
excessive population pressure (increasing settlement); waste management; salinity intrusions into the main land of the island; fresh water supply is dependent on desalination of sea water; over exploitation of marine resources (reef fisheries, coral and shell); indiscriminate anchoring of boats damages coral reefs,causing underwater pollution and changes the sediment dynamics of Saint Martin's Island
Geography - note
the southern border is shared with Sint Maarten, a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands; together, these two entities make up the smallest landmass in the world shared by two self-governing states

Source: CIA World Factbook
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