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Ajuda econômica - receptor: of the $7,6 bilhões in grants and loans pledged to Lebanon at the Paris III conference in January 2007, Beirut as of mid-December 2007 had signed agreements for $3 bilhões, including $1 bilhões in project financing, $750 milhões in direct budget support, $750 milhões in private sector credit, and $285 milhões in in-kind aid; about $500 milhões of the $1,7 bilhões pledged for direct budget support has been disbursed to Lebanon; donors in August 2006 also pledged nearly $1,8 bilhões in aid to help Lebanon recover from the 2006 Israel-Hizballah war; during the conflict, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait provided $1,5 bilhões in concessional loans to the Lebanese central bank to maintain confidence in the Lebanese currency. (2005)

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