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LocationOceania, islands in the South Pacific Ocean, about midway between Peru and New Zealand
Geographic coordinates25 04 S, 130 06 W
Map referencesOceania
Areatotal: 47 sq km
land: 47 sq km
water: 0 sq km
Area - comparativeabout three-tenths the size of Washington, DC
Land boundaries0 km
Coastline51 km
Maritime claimsterritorial sea: 12 nm
exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
Climatetropical; hot and humid; modified by southeast trade winds; rainy season (November to March)
Terrainrugged volcanic formation; rocky coastline with cliffs
Elevation extremesmean elevation: NA
elevation extremes: lowest point: Pacific Ocean 0 m
highest point: Palwala Valley Point on Big Ridge 347 m
Natural resourcesmiro trees (used for handicrafts), fish
note: manganese, iron, copper, gold, silver, and zinc have been discovered offshore
Land useagricultural land: 0%
arable land 0%; permanent crops 0%; permanent pasture 0%
forest: 74.5%
other: 25.5% (2011 est.)
Irrigated land0 sq km (2012)
Population distributionless than 50 inhabitants on Pitcairn Island, most reside near the village of Adamstown
Natural hazardsoccasional tropical cyclones (especially November to March), but generally only heavy tropical storms; landslides
Environment - current issuesdeforestation (only a small portion of the original forest remains because of burning and clearing for settlement)
Geography - noteBritain's most isolated dependency; only the larger island of Pitcairn is inhabited but it has no port or natural harbor; supplies must be transported by rowed longboat from larger ships stationed offshore

Source: CIA World Factbook
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