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There's a new dividing line for world leaders: Would you arrest Putin?
NBC News - 3/25/2023 3:24:00 PM
This week, two of the countries who remain relatively friendly with the Kremlin were the first to signal a split over a crucial question facing countries around the globe.

Biden admin has made the US the 'laughing stock of the world': Charles Hurt
Fox News - 3/26/2023 4:26:00 AM
Show' co-hosts weigh in on President Biden authorizing an air strike in response to an Iran-backed drone strike in Syria, killing a U.S. contractor and wounding several other Americans.

Unlocking the World
CNN - 3/25/2023 10:05:00 AM
A direct "wine train" could soon link London and southern France, Mexican foods you need to try and the world's happiest country is set to share its secrets in a four-day masterclass.

Dems want to fund abortion ‘everywhere’ in the world by ending restrictions on US foreign aid
Fox News on - 3/25/2023 9:00:08 AM
More than 100 House Democrats signed onto legislation this week to lift the prohibition on using foreign aid for abortions overseas, which would reverse 50 years of U.S. policy.

World Athletics and World Aquatics got it right on Russia, Belarus and transgender competitors
The Times - 3/26/2023 12:01:00 AM
World Athletics (WA) declared its position on three contentious issues affecting its sport. The international governing body banned transgender athletes from women’s competitions. It retained its ban on Russian and Belarusian athletes and it has tightened the rules relating to DSD (Differences in Sex Development) athletes.

Tasting the World
CNN - 3/25/2023 5:41:00 PM
Pans clattered in the background as Eva Longoria searched for her earbuds so she could talk while cooking lunch for her family in the kitchen of their Mexico City home.

Walter Cole, world’s oldest drag queen as Darcelle XV, dies at 92
The Washington Post on - 3/25/2023 6:19:41 PM
Walter Cole, in his drag persona Darcelle XV, became an unofficial goodwill ambassador in Portland and a symbol of the city's cherished quirkiness.

Pinedale celebrates 100 years. ‘There’s so very few places like this left in the world’
YAHOO!News - 3/26/2023 1:05:00 AM
Residents of Pinedale lined the streets of the northwest Fresno community on Saturday morning to celebrate 100 years since its establishment. Hundreds enjoyed a lively parade, dancing, music, food and community togetherness for the centennial celebration sponsored by the Pinedale Community Association (PCA).

Enter the addictive world of the late, great Javier Marías
The Times - 3/26/2023 12:01:00 AM
Javier Marías always had a gift for first lines and in this regard his final novel, Tomás Nevinson, doesn’t disappoint. “I was brought up the old-fashioned way,” Tomás states, “and could never have dreamed that I would one day be ordered to kill a woman.