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Russia Military Losses Could Be Double U.S. In Vietnam in Tenth of Time
Newsweek on - 12/5/2022 3:43:19 PM
Russia has reportedly lost more than 100,000 soldiers to injury and death, and is losing a further 100 men each day during the conflict in Bakhmut, Ukraine.

Strikes deep inside Russia highlight Ukraine’s tactical ingenuity
The Guardian - 12/5/2022 8:24:00 PM
Explosions at Russian airbases are latest example of Kyiv’s continuing capacity to surprise

Explosions rock 2 military airbases deep inside Russia
NBC News - 12/5/2022 5:52:00 PM
The blasts were the result of a Ukrainian drone attack, Russia’s defense ministry said, potentially signaling a new ability for Kyiv to strike far from the front lines of the conflict.

Russia strikes again at Ukraine's energy system, but damage is limited
NPR - 12/5/2022 5:16:00 PM
Russia unleashed a new wave of airstrikes at Ukraine, aimed at destroying the power grid. The attacks caused damage and casualties, but Ukraine said it shot down most of the incoming missiles.

Russia's Deadliest Drones Not Designed for Winter Cold, Ukraine Claims
Newsweek on - 12/5/2022 4:59:09 PM
Russia is boasting of other drones not supplied by Iran that are being used successfully by ground forces in parts of Ukraine.

Russia's war in Ukraine
CNN - 12/5/2022 3:53:00 PM
At least one person was killed after Russian strikes hit the central Ukrainian city of Kryvyi Rih early Monday, local officials said. Russian shelling was also reported in southern Ukraine. Follow here for live news updates.

Russia-Ukraine war: Putin 'becoming more informed' about challenges, U.S. intel chief says
YAHOO!News on - 12/5/2022 2:23:22 PM
Russia’s war in Ukraine has now entered its 10th month, and as the weather drops below freezing, the invasion enters a new phase. According to the head of U.S. intelligence, the war is running at a “reduced tempo.

Putin inspects a bridge linking Russia and Crimea, two months after an explosion partially destroyed it.
The New York Times - 12/5/2022 6:40:00 PM
Putin inspected repairs to a bridge that links the country with the Crimean Peninsula on Monday, two months after an explosion partially destroyed it in an embarrassing blow to the Russian leader and Moscow’s war effort in Ukraine.

Tankers seen heading to Russia as oil price cap goes into effect on exports
CNBC on - 12/5/2022 7:34:03 PM
Two tankers are heading to Russia expecting to be filled with oil as a price cap on exports from a coalition of Western countries goes into affect.