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Some crossings on US-Mexico border still shut as cities, agents confront rise in migrant arrivals
Associated Press on - 9/22/2023 5:14:00 AM
After a dip in illegal crossings that followed policy changes in May, the Biden administration is again on its heels as more asylum-seekers cross the U.S. border from Mexico.

The number of migrants crossing the US-Mexico border is likely to keep growing. Here are 3 reasons why
CNN on - 9/21/2023 6:50:37 PM
“If smugglers figure out that families are making it through, then more families will come,” he says. And similarly, migrants are more likely to cross in areas along the border where they’ve heard more people have been successful. Increases in violence in certain regions of Mexico have also fueled more migration.

Former New Mexico deputy accused of handcuffing, sexual assaulting woman
YAHOO!News - 9/22/2023 3:36:00 AM
A former New Mexico sheriff’s deputy has been charged with handcuffing a woman and sexually assaulting her in his patrol vehicle, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

Migrant encounters at U.S.-Mexico border on pace to reach record highs in September
Reuters on - 9/21/2023 10:29:00 PM
U.S. border authorities encountered more than 142,000 migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in the first half of September, according to data shared by Mexico's president, a tally on pace to match or even surpass previous monthly highs.

More military personnel head to the US-Mexico border as officials describe an increase in migrant crossings
CNN on - 9/21/2023 8:37:44 PM
The Defense Department is ramping up resources at the US-Mexico border as officials describe a surge in border crossings in places including Eagle Pass, Texas, where the mayor has declared a state of emergency.

Sergio Brown - update: Police won’t say if ex-NFL star still missing or in Mexico after strange videos
YAHOO!News - 9/21/2023 6:14:00 PM
Sergio Brown has posted Instagram videos after his mother Myrtle was found dead in Maywood creek and he went missing

Mexico railway halts train operations after viral video showing migrants riding to the US
Fox News on - 9/20/2023 11:49:29 AM
Ferromex, Mexico's largest concessionary rail operator, said it would be stopping operations in the northern Mexico as migrants are climbing on freight cars seeking access to the U.S.

Mexico president says he’ll skip APEC summit in November in San Francisco
Associated Press - 9/21/2023 5:48:00 PM
Mexico's president says he will skip the APEC summit in November in San Francisco and says it's because his country “has no relations” with Peru.

Mexico’s cartels luring hundreds of recruits every week, research finds
The Financial Times - 9/21/2023 6:38:00 PM
Report highlights size and ‘enormous power’ of crime groups that hold sway over areas of the country and economy

Mexico's Cemex in talks with banks over $3 billion debt refinancing
Reuters on - 9/21/2023 8:48:13 PM
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) -Mexican cement maker Cemex is in talks to refinance its $3 billion credit facility with banks, the company confirmed to Reuters on Thursday. Bloomberg first reported the news, citing interviews with company executives.