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Greenland News Headlines

Increasing ocean temperature threatens Greenland's ice sheet - 1/25/2021 10:18:00 PM
Scientists at the University of California, Irvine and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory have for the first time quantified how warming coastal waters are impacting individual glaciers in Greenland's fjords.

Microbes fuelled by wind-blown mineral dust melt the Greenland ice sheet - 1/25/2021 10:07:00 AM
Scientists have identified a key nutrient source used by algae living on melting ice surfaces linked to rising sea levels.The Greenland ice sheet—the second largest ice body in the world after the Antarctic ice sheet—covers almost 80% of the surface of Greenland.

Warming Seas Are Accelerating Greenland’s Glacier Retreat
NASA - 1/25/2021 5:05:00 PM
Scientists with NASA’s Oceans Melting Greenland mission are probing deep below the island’s warming coastal waters to help us better predict the rising seas of the future.

Greenland's Most Heartbreaking Moment Is Also Its Worst
CBR - 1/20/2021 1:50:00 AM
In the final act of Greenland, as fragments of a comet start destroying the planet, the film delivers its most heartbreaking moment.

NASA: Warming Seas Accelerate Greenland Glacier Retreat
WLTZ - 1/26/2021 11:49:00 AM
A new study shows warm ocean waters are accelerating the loss of Greenland’s glaciers. NASA’s “Oceans Melting Greenland” mission has produced measurements of the ice loss for the first time. The numbers published in “science advances” show Greenland’s biggest and deepest glaciers melt faster.

Greenland's Plot Holes Are Too Ridiculous to Ignore
CBR - 1/15/2021 1:50:00 AM
Greenland follows Gerard Butler's John as he tries to save his family from comet fragments, but there are many ridiculous plot holes that can't be ign

Warming Seas Are Undercutting Sverdrup Glacier in Northwest Greenland
SciTech Daily - 1/26/2021 7:29:00 PM
Warming seas are accelerating the retreat of Greenland’s coastal glaciers. Sverdrup Glacier in northwest Greenland is pretty average. It is a textbook example of the many coastal glaciers around the island that flow into deep fjords.

Opinion/McLoughlin: Greenland library project confronts challenges - 1/26/2021 10:26:00 PM
Misunderstanding is rampant throughout Greenland regarding library construction funding. Some background is appropriate.

Greenland’s Microbial Melt-Down
Science Friday - 1/22/2021 5:21:00 AM
Scientists find that bacteria and sediments darken ice, impacting how the Greenland ice sheet is melting.

Eros Now to Stream Global Box Office Hit ‘Greenland’ in India
Business Wire - 1/26/2021 6:50:00 PM
Eros Now, a leading South Asian streaming entertainment service owned by Eros STX Global Corporation (NYSE: ESGC), a global entertainment company, ann