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Burkina Faso News Headlines

An American moved to Burkina Faso for ‘a better life.’ He was shot dead outside a military base.
Washington Post - 12/2/2020 2:55:00 AM
It was almost noon in the capital of Burkina Faso when the man in black walked onto an army base, carrying only a backpack. Guards shouted: Freeze! The West African nation was deep into a four-year conflict with Islamist extremists who targeted military camps and were known to detonate suicide blasts.

Islamist violence escalates in Burkina Faso, making widespread hunger worse
Reuters - 12/2/2020 12:11:00 PM
Habibou Sore had to pause for breath as she ran barefoot from the approaching gunmen. She was pregnant with twins, due any day.

Flags, Symbols & Currency of Burkina Faso
WorldAtlas - 12/2/2020 10:44:00 PM
The National Flag of Burkina Faso features two equal horizontal bands of red (top) and green with a yellow five-pointed star in the center; the country uses The West African franc as its national currency;

Students in Burkina Faso fear extremists more than COVID-19
Associated Press - 11/27/2020 10:15:00 AM
Balkissa Barro’s been waiting for months to go back to school, but now that she has, the 10-year-old fears classes might once again stop. Children returning

Allies of Burkina Faso's Kabore Retain Control of Parliament
U.S. News & World Report - 11/29/2020 10:55:00 AM
The ruling coalition of Burkina Faso President Roch Kabore, who was re-elected to a second term last week, has retained its majority in parliament, the electoral commission said on Sunday. Kabore's People's Movement for Progress (MPP) and allied parties won about 90 of 127 seats in the Nov.

Burkina Faso President Kabore Wins Re-election In Landslide
International Business Times - 11/26/2020 6:34:00 PM
Burkina Faso's President Roch Marc Christian Kabore was re-elected by a landslide, according to election results announced Thursday, which the opposition "reserved the right" to challenge. Kabore won a large outright majority in the first round of the presidential election on Sunday,

Burkina Faso’s Kabore Wins New Term in Vote Marred by Insecurity
Bloomberg - 11/26/2020 4:54:00 PM
Burkina Faso President Roch Marc Christian Kabore easily secured a second term after winning 57.9% of ballots in Nov. 22 presidential elections. Opposition groups questioned the results, saying the vote was marred by fraud.

Burkina Faso Incumbent Kabore Wins Presidential Election
International Business Times - 11/26/2020 2:09:00 PM
Burkina Faso's President Roch Marc Christian Kabore has won a second term after gaining an outright majority in the first round of elections, the country's electoral board announced Thursday. "Mr

Burkina Faso opposition leader concedes defeat in election
Reuters on - 11/28/2020 8:25:01 AM
Burkina Faso's main opposition leader has conceded defeat in Sunday's presidential election after initial results showed a comfortable victory for President Roch Kabore, ending a dispute in which opponents said election fraud was committed.

Burkina Faso president Roch Marc Christian Kabore re-elected
Washington Post - 11/26/2020 2:03:00 PM
President Roch Marc Christian Kabore will serve another five years as Burkina Faso’s president, according to provisional results announced by the National Independent Electoral Commission