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Military branchesMongolian Armed Forces (Mongol ulsyn zevsegt huchin): General Purpose Troops (Mongolian Army), Air/Air Defense Force, Cyber Security, Special Forces, Civil Engineering, Civil Defense Forces; Border Troops; Internal Security Troops
Military service age and obligation18-27 years of age for compulsory and voluntary military service; 1-year conscript service obligation in army or air forces or police for males only (can be exchanged for a 24-month stint in the civil service or a tax voucher); after conscription, soldiers can contract into military service for 2 or 4 years; citizens can also voluntarily join the armed forces (2020)
Military expenditures - percent of GDP0.7% of GDP (2019 est.)

0.7% of GDP (2018 est.)

0.8% of GDP (2017 est.)

0.9% of GDP (2016 est.)

0.9% of GDP (2015 est.)
Military and security service personnel strengthssize estimates for the the Mongolian Armed Forces (MAF) vary; approximately 9,000 active duty troops (2020)
Military equipment inventories and acquisitionsthe MAF are armed with Soviet-era equipment supplemented by deliveries of second-hand Russian weapons (2020)
Military deployments860 South Sudan (UNMISS) (Jan 2021)

note - from 2003 to July 2021, about 3,300 Mongolian troops served in Afghanistan, including about 1,300 since 2015 under the NATO-led mission Resolute Support Mission 

Source: CIA World Factbook
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