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Military branchesJapan Self-Defense Force (JSDF): Ground Self-Defense Force (Rikujou Jieitai, GSDF; includes aviation), Maritime Self-Defense Force (Kaijou Jieitai, MSDF; includes naval aviation), Air Self-Defense Force (Koukuu Jieitai, ASDF); Japan Coast Guard (Ministry of Land, Transport, Infrastructure and Tourism) (2020)
Military service age and obligation18 years of age for voluntary military service (maximum enlistment age 32); no conscription (2019)
Military expenditures - percent of GDP1% of GDP (2020)

1% of GDP (2019)

0.93% of GDP (2018)

0.93% of GDP (2017)

0.94% of GDP (2016)
Military and security service personnel strengthsthe Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) is comprised of approximately 240,000 active personnel (145,000 Ground; 45,000 Maritime; 45,000 Air; 4,000 Joint Forces); 14,000 Coast Guard (2020)
Military equipment inventories and acquisitionsthe JSDF is equipped with a mix of imported and domestically-produced equipment; Japan is capable of producing a wide range of air, ground, and naval weapons systems; the majority of its weapons imports are from the US and some domestically-produced weapons are US-origin and manufactured under license (2020)
Military deploymentsapproximately 170 Djibouti (2020 )

Source: CIA World Factbook
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