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LocationSouthwestern Europe, bordering the Strait of Gibraltar, which links the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, on the southern coast of Spain
Geographic coordinates36 08 N, 5 21 W
Map referencesEurope
Areatotal: 6.5 sq km
land: 6.5 sq km
water: 0 sq km
Area - comparativemore than 10 times the size of The National Mall in Washington, D.C.
Land boundariestotal: 1.2 km
border countries (1): Spain 1.2 km
Coastline12 km
Maritime claimsterritorial sea: 3 nm
ClimateMediterranean with mild winters and warm summers
Terraina narrow coastal lowland borders the Rock of Gibraltar
Elevation extremesmean elevation: NA
elevation extremes: lowest point: Mediterranean Sea 0 m
highest point: Rock of Gibraltar 426 m
Natural resourcesnone
Land useagricultural land: 0%
arable land 0%; permanent crops 0%; permanent pasture 0%
forest: 0%
other: 100% (2011 est.)
Irrigated landNA
Natural hazardsoccasional droughts; no streams or large bodies of water on the peninsula (all potable water comes from desalination)
Environment - current issueslimited natural freshwater resources: large concrete or natural rock water catchments collect rainwater (no longer used for drinking water) and adequate desalination plant
Geography - notenote 1: strategic location on Strait of Gibraltar that links the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea
note 2: one of only two British territories where traffic drives on the right, the other being the island of Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean Territory

Source: CIA World Factbook
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