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T40 - Individual income tax - 2010: 2nd Quarter (Thousands of US$)
State Value
Alabama $609,193
Alaska $0
Arizona $484,796
Arkansas $640,455
California $15,621,730
Colorado $1,263,044
Connecticut $2,466,965
Delaware $228,018
District of Columbia $323,028
Florida $0
Georgia $2,008,585
Hawaii $401,490
Idaho $356,937
Illinois $2,702,995
Indiana $1,292,618
Iowa $724,892
Kansas $1,016,773
Kentucky $925,072
Louisiana $596,011
Maine $469,058
Maryland $1,888,866
Massachusetts $3,144,400
Michigan $1,583,668
Minnesota $2,000,262
Mississippi $495,419
Missouri $1,385,280
Montana $241,423
Nebraska $467,722
Nevada $0
New Hampshire $40,804
New Jersey $3,643,493
New Mexico $285,222
New York $8,684,821
North Carolina $2,174,812
North Dakota $102,932
Ohio $2,525,601
Oklahoma $669,652
Oregon $1,552,691
Pennsylvania $2,952,784
Rhode Island $275,519
South Carolina $703,327
South Dakota $0
Tennessee $145,412
Texas $0
Utah $719,820
Vermont $163,361
Virginia $2,368,547
Washington $0
West Virginia $485,056
Wisconsin $2,019,348
Wyoming $0

Code: T40 Individual Income Taxes

Definition: Taxes on individuals measured by net income and taxes on special types of income (e.g., interest, dividends, income from intangible property, etc.).

Includes: For local governments, includes wages, salaries, and other compensation earned by both residents and nonresidents, that are subject to tax collections by the reporting government.

Excludes: Taxes using income from intangible property as a measure of its value as of assessment date (report at Property Taxes, code T01); income taxes on unincorporated businesses (report at Corporation Net Income, code T41); payroll taxes to finance insurance trusts programs, such as Social Security taxes (report at appropriate Social Insurance Trust Revenue code); and city gross earnings taxes (report at Taxes, NEC, code T99).

Special Consideration: This category includes combined individual and corporation income taxes where proceeds could not be separated in older, historical data.

Category: Income Taxes

Category Description: Taxes levied on the gross income of individuals or on the net income of corporations and businesses (i.e., after allowable deductions).

Deduct refunds of taxes from gross collections even if they were recorded as tax revenue in a previous fiscal year.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Note: Not all states report all tax types. If the amount is zero for all time, then it is likely that the state does not report or collect the chosen tax type.