Tuvalu - Methodology assessment of statistical capacity (scale 0 - 100)

Definition: The methodology indicator measures a country’s ability to adhere to internationally recommended standards and methods. The methodology score is calculated as the weighted average of 10 underlying indicator scores. The final methodology score contributes 1/3 of the overall Statistical Capacity Indicator score.

Source: World Bank, Bulletin Board on Statistical Capacity (http://bbsc.worldbank.org).

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Year Value
2013 20.00
2014 30.00
2015 40.00
2016 40.00
2017 30.00

Statistical Concept and Methodology: The Practice score is calculated as weighted average of all 10 Practice indicator scores.

Aggregation method: Unweighted average

Periodicity: Annual


Topic: Public Sector Indicators

Sub-Topic: Policy & institutions