Syrian Arab Republic - Lead time to import

Lead time to import, median case (days)

Definition: Lead time to import is the median time (the value for 50 percent of shipments) from port of discharge to arrival at the consignee. Data are from the Logistics Performance Index survey. Respondents provided separate values for the best case (10 percent of shipments) and the median case (50 percent of shipments). The data are exponentiated averages of the logarithm of single value responses and of midpoint values of range responses for the median case.

Source: World Bank and Turku School of Economics, Logistic Performance Index Surveys. Data are available online at : Summary results are published in Arvis and others' Connecting to Compete: Trade Logistics in the Global Economy, The

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Year Value
2010 3.16
2012 4.00
2016 5.00


Topic: Private Sector & Trade Indicators

Sub-Topic: Trade facilitation