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Documents to export (number)

Documents to export (number) in Syrian Arab Republic was 8.00 as of 2014. Its highest value over the past 9 years was 8.00 in 2014, while its lowest value was 8.00 in 2005.

Definition: All documents required per shipment to export goods are recorded. It is assumed that the contract has already been agreed upon and signed by both parties. Documents required for clearance by government ministries, customs authorities, port and container terminal authorities, health and technical control agencies and banks are taken into account. Since payment is by letter of credit, all documents required by banks for the issuance or securing of a letter of credit are also taken into account. Documents that are renewed annually and that do not require renewal per shipment (for example, an annual tax clearance certificate) are not included.

Source: World Bank, Doing Business project (

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Year Value
2005 8.00
2006 8.00
2007 8.00
2008 8.00
2009 8.00
2010 8.00
2011 8.00
2012 8.00
2013 8.00
2014 8.00


Topic: Private Sector & Trade Indicators

Sub-Topic: Trade facilitation