Pakistan - Investment in energy with private participation

Investment in energy with private participation (current US$)

The latest value for Investment in energy with private participation (current US$) in Pakistan was $1,688,400,000 as of 2016. Over the past 22 years, the value for this indicator has fluctuated between $2,365,700,000 in 1996 and $29,800,000 in 2004.

Definition: Investment in energy projects with private participation refers to commitments to infrastructure projects in energy (electricity and natural gas: generation, transmission and distribution) that have reached financial closure and directly or indirectly serve the public. Movable assets and small projects such as windmills are excluded. The types of projects included are management and lease contracts, operations and management contracts with major capital expenditure, greenfield projects (in which a private entity or a public-private joint venture builds and operates a new facility), and divestitures. Investment commitments are the sum of investments in facilities and investments in government assets. Investments in facilities are the resources the project company commits to invest during the contract period either in new facilities or in expansion and modernization of existing facilities. Investments in government assets are the resources the project company spends on acquiring government assets such as state-owned enterprises, rights to provide services in a specific area, or the use of specific radio spectrums. Data are in current U.S. dollars.

Source: World Bank, Private Participation in Infrastructure Project Database (

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Year Value
1994 $1,632,000,000
1995 $1,778,600,000
1996 $2,365,700,000
1997 $154,000,000
2004 $29,800,000
2005 $904,600,000
2006 $297,600,000
2007 $1,654,700,000
2008 $1,084,400,000
2009 $1,592,800,000
2010 $166,000,000
2011 $538,300,000
2012 $1,401,000,000
2013 $263,100,000
2015 $883,340,000
2016 $1,688,400,000


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