Latvia - Periodicity and timeliness assessment of statistical capacity (scale 0 - 100)

Definition: The periodicity and timeliness indicator assesses the availability and periodicity of key socioeconomic indicators. It measures the extent to which data are made accessible to users through transformation of source data into timely statistical outputs. The periodicity score is calculated as the weighted average of 10 underlying indicator scores. The final periodicity score contributes 1/3 of the overall Statistical Capacity Indicator score.

Source: World Bank, Bulletin Board on Statistical Capacity (

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Year Value
2016 90.00
2017 90.00

Statistical Concept and Methodology: The Availability score is calculated as weighted average of all 10 Availability indicator scores.

Aggregation method: Unweighted average

Periodicity: Annual


Topic: Public Sector Indicators

Sub-Topic: Policy & institutions