Net financial flows, RDB concessional (NFL, current US$) - Country Ranking - Central America & the Caribbean

Definition: Net financial flows received by the borrower during the year are disbursements of loans and credits less repayments of principal. Concessional financial flows cover disbursements made through concessional lending facilities. Regional development banks are the African Development Bank, in Tunis, Tunisia, which serves all of Africa, including North Africa; the Asian Development Bank, in Manila, Philippines, which serves South and Central Asia and East Asia and Pacific; the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, in London, United Kingdom, which serves Europe and Central Asia; and the Inter-American Development Bank, in Washington, D.C., which serves the Americas. Aggregates include amounts for economies not specified elsewhere. Data are in current U.S. dollars.

Source: World Bank, International Debt Statistics.

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Rank Country Value Year
1 Jamaica 326,000.00 2018
2 St. Kitts and Nevis 0.00 2010
2 St. Lucia 0.00 2018
2 Belize 0.00 2018
2 Dominica 0.00 2018
2 Grenada 0.00 2018
2 Haiti 0.00 2018
2 St. Vincent and the Grenadines 0.00 2018
9 Costa Rica -937,000.00 2018
10 Guatemala -11,384,000.00 2018
11 Dominican Republic -16,763,000.00 2018
12 El Salvador -19,506,000.00 2018
13 Honduras -20,899,000.00 2018
14 Nicaragua -21,257,000.00 2018

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Statistical Concept and Methodology: Regional development banks also maintain concessional windows. Their loans are recorded according to each institution's classification and not according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC) definition.

Aggregation method: Sum

Periodicity: Annual