Surface area (sq. km) - Country Ranking - Middle East

Definition: Surface area is a country's total area, including areas under inland bodies of water and some coastal waterways.

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization, electronic files and web site.

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Rank Country Value Year
1 Saudi Arabia 2,149,690.00 2017
2 Iran 1,745,150.00 2017
3 Pakistan 796,100.00 2017
4 Turkey 785,350.00 2017
5 Afghanistan 652,860.00 2017
6 Yemen 527,970.00 2017
7 Turkmenistan 488,100.00 2017
8 Uzbekistan 447,400.00 2017
9 Iraq 435,050.00 2017
10 Oman 309,500.00 2017
11 Kyrgyz Republic 199,949.00 2017
12 Syrian Arab Republic 185,180.00 2017
13 Tajikistan 141,376.00 2017
14 Jordan 89,320.00 2017
15 United Arab Emirates 83,600.00 2017
16 Israel 22,070.00 2017
17 Kuwait 17,820.00 2017
18 Qatar 11,610.00 2017
19 Lebanon 10,450.00 2017
20 Bahrain 771.00 2017

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Development Relevance: Total surface area is particularly important for understanding an economy's agricultural capacity and the environmental effects of human activity. Innovations in satellite mapping and computer databases have resulted in more precise measurements of land and water areas. Population, surface area, income, and output are basic measures of the size of an economy. They also provide a broad indication of actual and potential resources. Land area is therefore used as one of the major indicator to normalize other indicators.

Limitations and Exceptions: The data are collected by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations through annual questionnaires. The FAO tries to impose standard definitions and reporting methods, but complete consistency across countries and over time is not possible. The data collected from official national sources through the questionnaire are supplemented with information from official secondary data sources. The secondary sources cover official country data from websites of national ministries, national publications and related country data reported by various international organizations.

Statistical Concept and Methodology: Total land area includes inland water bodies such as major rivers and lakes. Variations from year to year may be due to updated or revised data rather than to change in area.

Aggregation method: Sum

Periodicity: Annual