Equatorial Guinea - Foreign direct investment, net (BoP, current US$)

The latest value for Foreign direct investment, net (BoP, current US$) in Equatorial Guinea was ($376,180,400) as of 1996. Over the past 7 years, the value for this indicator has fluctuated between ($890,259) in 1989 and ($376,180,400) in 1996.

Definition: Foreign direct investment are the net inflows of investment to acquire a lasting management interest (10 percent or more of voting stock) in an enterprise operating in an economy other than that of the investor. It is the sum of equity capital, reinvestment of earnings, other long-term capital, and short-term capital as shown in the balance of payments. This series shows total net FDI. In BPM6, financial account balances are calculated as the change in assets minus the change in liabilities. Net FDI outflows are assets and net FDI inflows are liabilities. Data are in current U.S. dollars.

Source: International Monetary Fund, Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook and data files.

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Year Value
1989 ($890,259)
1990 ($11,073,780)
1991 ($41,324,760)
1992 ($6,018,320)
1993 ($22,301,680)
1994 ($16,995,530)
1995 ($126,924,200)
1996 ($376,180,400)

Periodicity: Annual

General Comments: Note: Data are based on the sixth edition of the IMF's Balance of Payments Manual (BPM6) and are only available from 2005 onwards. In BPM6, the headings of the financial account have been changed from credits and debits to net acquisition of financial ass


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