Brazil - Survey mean consumption or income per capita, bottom 40% of population (2011 PPP $ per day)

Definition: Mean consumption or income per capita (2011 PPP $ per day) used in calculating the growth rate in the welfare aggregate of the bottom 40% of the population in the income distribution in a country.

Source: World Bank, Global Database of Shared Prosperity (GDSP) circa 2008 - 2013 (

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Year Value
2009 3.96
2015 4.99

Limitations and Exceptions: Because household surveys are infrequent in most countries and are not aligned across countries, comparisons across countries or over time should be made with a high degree of caution.

Unit of Measure: 2011 PPP $

Periodicity: Annual

General Comments: The choice of consumption or income for a country is made according to which welfare aggregate is used to estimate extreme poverty in PovcalNet. The practice adopted by the World Bank for estimating global and regional poverty is, in principle, to use per


Topic: Poverty Indicators

Sub-Topic: Shared prosperity