Bolivia - Coverage of social insurance programs (% of population)

The value for Coverage of social insurance programs (% of population) in Bolivia was 8.55 as of 2012. As the graph below shows, over the past 6 years this indicator reached a maximum value of 8.55 in 2012 and a minimum value of 8.09 in 2007.

Definition: Coverage of social insurance programs shows the percentage of population participating in programs that provide old age contributory pensions (including survivors and disability) and social security and health insurance benefits (including occupational injury benefits, paid sick leave, maternity and other social insurance). Estimates include both direct and indirect beneficiaries.

Source: ASPIRE: The Atlas of Social Protection - Indicators of Resilience and Equity, The World Bank. Data are based on national representative household surveys. (

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Year Value
2006 8.09
2007 8.09
2008 8.22
2009 8.39
2011 8.36
2012 8.55

Aggregation method: Weighted average

Periodicity: Annual


Topic: Labor & Social Protection Indicators

Sub-Topic: Performance