Armenia - Coverage of social safety net programs in 4th quintile (% of population)

The value for Coverage of social safety net programs in 4th quintile (% of population) in Armenia was 23.29 as of 2014. As the graph below shows, over the past 6 years this indicator reached a maximum value of 23.29 in 2014 and a minimum value of 16.53 in 2011.

Definition: Coverage of social safety net programs shows the percentage of population participating in cash transfers and last resort programs, noncontributory social pensions, other cash transfers programs (child, family and orphan allowances, birth and death grants, disability benefits, and other allowances), conditional cash transfers, in-kind food transfers (food stamps and vouchers, food rations, supplementary feeding, and emergency food distribution), school feeding, other social assistance programs (housing allowances, scholarships, fee waivers, health subsidies, and other social assistance) and public works programs (cash for work and food for work). Estimates include both direct and indirect beneficiaries.

Source: ASPIRE: The Atlas of Social Protection - Indicators of Resilience and Equity, The World Bank. Data are based on national representative household surveys. (

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Year Value
2008 16.62
2009 17.89
2010 18.27
2011 16.53
2012 19.27
2013 21.87
2014 23.29

Aggregation method: Weighted average

Periodicity: Annual


Topic: Labor & Social Protection Indicators

Sub-Topic: Performance