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nombre: Lima
coordenadas geográficas: 12 03 S, 77 03 W
diferencia de tiempo: UTC-5 (same time as Washington, DC, during Standard Time)
etymology: the word "Lima" derives from the Spanish pronunciation of "Limaq," the native name for the valley in which the city was founded in 1535; "limaq" means "talker" in coastal Quechua and referred to an oracle that was situated in the valley but which was eventually destroyed by the Spanish and replaced with a church
División administrativa
25 regions (regiones, singular - region) and 1 province* (provincia); Amazonas, Ancash, Apurimac, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Callao, Cusco, Huancavelica, Huanuco, Ica, Junin, La Libertad, Lambayeque, Lima, Lima*, Loreto, Madre de Dios, Moquegua, Pasco, Piura, Puno, San Martin, Tacna, Tumbes, Ucayali

note: Callao, the largest port in Peru, is also referred to as a constitutional province, the only province of the Callao region

28 Julio 1821 (from Spain)
Feriado nacional
Día de la Independencia, 28-29 Julio (1821)
history: several previous; latest promulgada 29 Diciembre 1993, enacted 31 Diciembre 1993
amendments: proposed by Congress, by the president of the republic with the approval of the "Cabinet, " or by petition of at least 0.3% of voters; passage requires absolute majority approval by the Congress membership, followed by approval in a referendum; a referendum is not required if Congress approves the amendment by greater than two-thirds majority vote in each of two successive sessions; modificada many times, last in 2018 (2018)
18 años de edad; universal y obligatorio until the age of 70
Poder Executivo
jefe de estado: Presidente Martin Alberto VIZCARRA Cornejo (desde 23 March 2018); First Vice Presidente (vacant); Second Vice Presidente (vacant); note - the 21 March 2018 resignation of Presidente Pedro Pablo KUCZYNSKI Godard (desde 28 July 2016) was accepted by parliament on 23 March 2018; the president is both jefe de estado and jefe de gobierno
jefe de gobierno: Presidente Martin Alberto VIZCARRA Cornejo (desde 23 March 2018); First Vice Presidente (vacant); Second Vice Presidente (vacant)
cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the president
elections/appointments: president directly elected by absolute majority popular vote in 2 rounds if needed for a 5-year term (eligible for nonconsecutive terms); election last held on 10 April 2016 with a runoff on 5 June 2016 (next to be held in April 2021)
election results: Pedro Pablo KUCZYNSKI Godard elected president in second round; percent of vote in first round - Keiko FUJIMORI Higuchi (Fuerza Popular) 39.9%, Pedro Pablo KUCZYNSKI Godard (Peruanos Por el Kambio) 21.1%, Veronika MENDOZA (Broad Front) 18.7%, Alfredo BARNECHEA (Popular Action) 7%, Alan GARCIA (APRA) 5.8%, other 7.5%; percent of vote in second round - Pedro Pablo KUCZYNSKI Godard 50.1%, Keiko FUJIMORI Higuchi 49.9%

note: Prime Minister Vicente Antonio ZEBALLOS Salinas (desde 30 September 2019) does not exercise executive power; this power rests with the president

Fuente: CIA World Factbook
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