Japón - Mortalidad provocada por enfermedades cardiovasculares, cáncer, diabetes o enfermedades respiratorias crónicas entre las edades exactas de 30 y 70 años (%)

Definición: Mortality from CVD, cancer, diabetes or CRD is the percent of 30-year-old-people who would die before their 70th birthday from any of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, or chronic respiratory disease, assuming that s/he would experience current mortality rates at every age and s/he would not die from any other cause of death (e.g., injuries or HIV/AIDS).

Fuente: World Health Organization, Global Health Observatory Data Repository (http://apps.who.int/ghodata/).

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Año Valor
2000 11.40
2005 10.40
2010 9.50
2015 8.60
2016 8.40


Tema: Indicadores tema Salud

Sub-tema: Mortalidad