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Political parties and leaders: Alliance of Movements for the Alternation and the Nation or AMAN (CDU, RADDE, ARD)
Democratic National Party or PND [Abdallah Mohamed DABALEH]
Democratic National Party or PND (Abdourahman Mohamed ALLALEH)
Democratic Renewal Party or PRD [Abdillahi HAMARITEH]
Djibouti Development Party or PDD [Mohamed Daoud CHEHEM]
Front pour la Restauration de l'Unite Democratique or FRUD [Ali Mohamed DAOUD]
Movement for Development and Liberty or MODEL [Ismail Ahmed WABERI]
People's Rally for Progress or RPP [Ismail Omar GUELLEH] (governing party)
Peoples Social Democratic Party or PPSD [Hasna Moumin BAHDON]
Republican Alliance for Democracy or ARD [Ahmed YOUSSOUF]
Republican Alliance for Democracy or ARD (Kassim Ahmed DINI)
Union for a Presidential Majority or UMP (a coalition of parties including RPP, FRUD, PND, and PPSD)
Union for Democracy and Justice or UDJ [Ilya Ismail GUEDI Hared]
Union for National Salvation or USN (an umbrella coalition comprising PDD, PND, ARD-DINI faction, and UDJ) [Ahmed Youssouf HOUMED]

Definition: This entry includes a listing of significant political organizations and their leaders.

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