Palmöl vs Rapsöl - Price Rate of Change Comparison

Correlation coefficient: 0,557721

Beschreibung: Monthly comparison between the rate of change in the price of Palmöl versus the rate of change in the price of Rapsöl

Rate of ChangePrice Ratio

Quelle: ISTA Mielke GmbH, Oil World; US Department of Agriculture; World Bank.

siehe auch: Agricultural production statistics

MonatPalmöl Price (Euro pro Tonne)Rapsöl Price (Euro pro Tonne)Palmöl ROCRapsöl ROCPalmöl / Rapsöl Price Ratio
Dez 2017567,76742,66--0,7645
Jan 2018555,21695,45-2,21 %-6,36 %0,7983
Feb 2018537,10671,58-3,26 %-3,43 %0,7998
Mrz 2018552,05646,892,78 %-3,68 %0,8534
Apr 2018540,91646,81-2,02 %-0,01 %0,8363
Mai 2018558,42687,033,24 %6,22 %0,8128
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