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LocationCaribbean, an island in the Caribbean Sea, 55 km off the coast of Venezuela
Geographic coordinates12 10 N, 69 00 W
Map referencesCentral America and the Caribbean
Areatotal: 444 sq km
land: 444 sq km
water: 0 sq km
Area - comparativemore than twice the size of Washington, DC
Land boundaries0 km
Coastline364 km
Maritime claimsterritorial sea: 12 nm
exclusive fishing zone: 12 nm
Climatetropical marine climate, ameliorated by northeast trade winds, results in mild temperatures; semiarid with average rainfall of 60 cm/year
Terraingenerally low, hilly terrain
Elevation extremesmean elevation: NA
elevation extremes: lowest point: Caribbean Sea 0 m
highest point: Mt. Christoffel 372 m
Natural resourcescalcium phosphates, aloes, sorghum, peanuts, vegetables, tropical fruit
Land useagricultural land: 10%
arable land 10%; permanent crops 0%; permanent pasture 0%
forest: 0%
other: 90% (2011 est.)
Irrigated landNA
Population distributionlargest concentration on the island is Willemstad; smaller settlements near the coast can be found throughout the island, particularly in the northwest
Natural hazardsCuracao is south of the Caribbean hurricane belt and is rarely threatened
Environment - current issuesNA
Geography - noteCuracao is a part of the Windward Islands (southern) group

Source: CIA World Factbook
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