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CommodityMonthly Avg1 Month Change12 Month ChangeYear to Date Change
Commodity Agricultural Raw Materials Index74.412.88%-11.67%-13.65%
Commodity Beverage Price Index97.32-0.19%-10.07%-11.28%
Commodity Price Index194.031.55%4.35%1.21%
Commodity Fuel (energy) Index130.84-6.17%16.43%7.85%
Commodity Food and Beverage Price Index135.24-0.01%1.85%-2.52%
Commodity Food Price Index135.39-1.54%6.35%1.17%
Commodity Industrial Inputs Price Index162.487.67%-3.77%-11.39%
Commodity Metals Price Index107.606.63%-7.81%-14.08%
Commodity Non-Fuel Price Index115.331.01%-2.40%-6.72%
Crude Oil (petroleum), Price index189.30-11.42%12.62%-1.97%
Coal, Australian thermal coal379.2310.83%123.54%92.55%
Coal, South African export price326.241.66%128.94%93.61%
Crude Oil (petroleum)78.07-10.65%7.14%-6.97%
Crude Oil (petroleum); Dated Brent80.90-11.17%8.87%-5.41%
Crude Oil (petroleum); Dubai Fateh76.78-11.01%5.53%-7.62%
Crude Oil (petroleum); West Texas Intermediate76.52-9.74%6.98%-7.94%
Heating Oil2.94-23.14%38.67%18.38%
Indonesian Liquified Natural Gas19.47-0.61%27.09%32.54%
Jet Fuel2.90-8.32%38.28%18.44%
Natural Gas5.504.17%47.45%27.02%
RBOB Gasoline2.25-21.20%-2.85%-11.73%
Russian Natural Gas36.040.90%-5.23%27.53%
Cocoa beans2.514.15%5.46%1.62%
Coffee, Other Mild Arabicas4.63-1.91%-21.66%-22.58%
Coffee, Robusta2.050.49%-17.34%-15.64%
Canadian Wheat    
Maize (corn)302.25-5.82%14.25%9.27%
Soft Red Winter Wheat    
Poultry (chicken)3.310.00%20.80%14.93%
Lamb10.750.00% -0.173712528823982
Swine (pork)79.59-7.66%13.88%5.24%
Fish (salmon)7.8912.39%6.48%-1.62%
Sugar, European import price0.356.06%-5.41%-5.41%
Sugar, U.S. import price0.812.53%0.00%3.85%
Coconut Oil1,158.41-1.26%-31.69%-42.54%
Olive Oil, extra virgin5,792.3712.58%40.42%36.29%
Palm Kernel Oil1,067.050.52%-42.68%-51.40%
Palm oil940.39-0.57%-25.97%-30.07%
Peanut Oil2,146.100.00%-0.37%-13.81%
Groundnuts (peanuts)1,670.451.90%13.25%12.90%
Rapeseed Oil1,259.95-8.54%-27.69%-32.46%
Soybean Meal571.1510.12%23.72%8.48%
Soybean Oil1,409.24-14.67%-0.14%-4.10%
Sunflower oil1,233.80-8.42%-9.40%-12.60%
Coarse Wool838.846.21%-7.75%-10.13%
Fine Wool1,061.123.99%-11.29%-13.31%
Hard Logs220.755.51%-15.50%-14.78%
Hard Sawnwood663.593.73%-8.54%-10.20%
Soft Logs258.470.00%6.95%5.45%
Soft Sawnwood388.230.00%22.99%18.56%
Wood Pulp    
Cold-rolled steel    
Copper, grade A cathode8,375.404.04%-12.31%-14.38%
Hot-rolled steel    
Iron Ore111.8419.82%-4.38%-15.61%
Steel wire rod    
DAP fertilizer625.00-6.10%-16.11%-10.64%
Potassium Chloride562.500.00%154.52%154.52%
Rock Phosphate300.000.00%69.81%73.28%
Triple Superphosphate584.38-6.50%-14.90%-13.35%

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