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Commodity1 Month Change12 Month ChangeYear to Date Change
Commodity Agricultural Raw Materials Index0.78%3.59%1.07%
Commodity Beverage Price Index1.91%30.72%28.71%
Commodity Price Index-4.42%59.87%33.80%
Commodity Fuel (energy) Index-6.36%109.60%65.30%
Commodity Food and Beverage Price Index1.30%24.27%15.48%
Commodity Food Price Index1.38%19.98%8.33%
Commodity Industrial Inputs Price Index-6.33%11.68%-3.66%
Commodity Metals Price Index-6.07%26.29%10.87%
Commodity Non-Fuel Price Index-0.17%24.64%13.58%
Crude Oil (petroleum), Price index-2.04%90.59%53.46%
Coal, Australian thermal coal-29.86%144.53%81.37%
Coal, South African export price-35.89%84.36%47.38%
Crude Oil (petroleum)-2.61%88.94%49.10%
Crude Oil (petroleum); Dated Brent-3.44%86.84%48.07%
Crude Oil (petroleum); Dubai Fateh-1.75%87.41%47.34%
Crude Oil (petroleum); West Texas Intermediate-2.63%92.65%51.98%
Heating Oil-5.42%94.22%52.54%
Indonesian Liquified Natural Gas3.15%86.15%41.89%
Jet Fuel-4.49%93.56%54.44%
Natural Gas-8.39%93.82%88.01%
RBOB Gasoline-0.20%92.84%52.96%
Russian Natural Gas-11.05%470.66%279.92%
Cocoa beans-7.00%1.27%0.00%
Coffee, Other Mild Arabicas7.53%71.99%61.30%
Coffee, Robusta3.88%50.63%54.49%
Canadian Wheat   
Maize (corn)3.78%30.64%6.08%
Soft Red Winter Wheat 0.3490623109497880.209983722192078
Poultry (chicken)0.00%37.06%28.73%
Swine (pork)-13.07%8.26%15.18%
Fish (salmon)-1.94%24.95%14.29%
Sugar, European import price-2.63%-5.13%-7.50%
Sugar, U.S. import price0.00%26.15%30.16%
Coconut Oil3.10%44.82%35.50%
Olive Oil, extra virgin-4.13%201.18%20.70%
Palm Kernel Oil13.76%92.70%51.18%
Palm oil2.89%46.88%36.13%
Peanut Oil   
Groundnuts (peanuts)-2.64%-6.75%-20.83%
Rapeseed Oil2.96%76.40%62.38%
Soybean Meal-1.87%-10.80%-21.24%
Soybean Oil-2.96%47.82%30.70%
Sunflower oil-0.16%20.59%4.81%
Coarse Wool1.74%10.38%5.32%
Fine Wool-2.51%18.38%8.37%
Hard Logs-0.76%-8.43%-9.00%
Hard Sawnwood-1.73%0.78%-1.36%
Soft Logs0.00%10.79%16.48%
Soft Sawnwood0.00%-18.13%-16.81%
Wood Pulp   
Cold-rolled steel   
Copper, grade A cathode-1.02%37.63%22.04%
Hot-rolled steel   
Iron Ore-21.70%-22.61%-43.26%
Steel wire rod   
DAP fertilizer7.99%102.07%72.49%
Potassium Chloride0.00%9.14%9.14%
Rock Phosphate3.82%85.61%80.15%
Triple Superphosphate7.61%127.35%96.98%

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High commodity prices, the emergency of the Omicron coronavirus variant and quicker central bank policy tightening could all weigh on global growth this year, the European Central Bank said in an regular Economic Bulletin on Thursday.

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European markets have continued to push higher, with the FTSE 100 once again outperforming, as it continues its 2022 outperformance, rising to another post pandemic peak and a 23-month high, with the basic resource sector helping to drive the bulk of today’s gains,

Commodities: Commodities likely to continue their hot streak in 2022
The Edge on - 1/11/2022 7:30:00 AM
SINCE the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in late 2019, the prices of most commodities have moved north, which was evident in 2021 with the Bloomberg Commodity Index (BCOM) — which tracks 23 energy, metals and agriculture futures contracts — hitting a 10-year high of 105.

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Commodities as a whole had their best year in over a decade, due in large part to inflation triggered by unprecedented global monetary and fiscal stimulus. The Bloomberg Commodity Spot Index ended 2021 with a gain of 27%,

Higher carbon prices in China may tighten commodity supply, impact customers: UBS
Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide - 1/13/2022 8:00:00 PM
Higher carbon prices in China could result in tighter supply of commodities like metals and energy, resulting in higher prices that will eventually be passed on to consumers, according to analysts from Swiss investment bank UBS.

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