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As of June 2011, the penetration rate in Cambodia was estimated at 69.318% over a population estimate of over 14.7 million.

Rank Operator Technology Subscribers
(in millions)
1 MobiTel GSM
2.172 (March 2009) Royal Group, Brand "Cell Card"
2 Mfone GSM
1.000 (February 2011) Cambodia Shinawatra Co. Ltd. by Shin Satellite and Asia Mobile Holding
3 Hello GSM 0.77 (December 2009) Axiata Group Berhad
4 Star Cell GSM 0.14[citation needed] Applifone by TeliaSonera
5 qb UMTS 0.05[citation needed] Cambodia Advance Communications
6 EXCELL CDMA 2000 1x-EVDO 0.004[citation needed] GT-TELL
7 Metfone GSM
LTE (trial)
7.3 Viettel Cambodia
8 Smart Mobile GSM Not Yet Available Latelz and Timeturns Holding
9 Beeline GSM VimpelCom(90%)

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