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In September 2010 the penetration rate was estimated at 118.8% over a population estimate of 2 million.

The country has 1.548 million subscribers in total, or a 94.40% penetration rate. (September 2008)
The regulator is Botswana Telecommunication Authority (BTA). All GSM operators provide EDGE and GPRS (as part of GSM).

Rank Operator Technology Subscribers [13]
(in millions)
1 MASCOM GSM, 3G, HSDPA 1.509 (Q3 2011) Mascom Wireless (Pty) Limited, MTN (53%)
2 Orange GSM, 3G, HSDPA 0.988 (Q3 2011) France Télécom (69%), Mosokelatsebeng Cellular (local investors, 26%), local individuals (5%)
3 Be Mobile GSM, 3G 0.491 (Q3 2011) BTC Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (100%)

Source: Wikipedia

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