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Political pressure groups and leaders: Bolivian Workers Central or COB
Central Bolivian Workers' Union or COB
Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Eastern Bolivia or CIDOB
Federation of Neighborhood Councils of El Alto or FEJUVE-El Alto
Landless Movement or MST
National Confederation of Native Rural Indigenous Women of Bolivia or Bartolina Sisa
National Coordination for Change or CONALCAM
National Council of Ayullus and Markas of Quollasuyu or CONAMAQ
Sole Confederation of Campesino Workers of Bolivia or CSUTCB [Jacinto HERRARA]
other: Cocalero unions
Interculturales union or CSCIB
various federations of neighborhood councils or FEJUVEs (including the national organization)

Definition: This entry includes a listing of a country's political, social, labor, or religious organizations that are involved in politics, or that exert political pressure, but whose leaders do not stand for legislative election. International movements or organizations are generally not listed.

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