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Armenia has 2.8 million subscribers in total, or a 86% penetration rate.

There are three mobile operators in Armenia: Beeline, which holds all fixed-line and 30% of cellular networks, Viva Cell MTS which holds 70% of cellular networks, and Orange . Beeline has around 600,000 mobile subscribers, and Viva Cell MTS has around 1,800,000, and Orange has around 300,000. At the moment, many of these companies are in the process of modernising and expanding their coverage of the country. Viva Cell MTS and Beeline are two Russian giants with strong coverage in Armenia. Orange is a newcomer to Armenia. Orange is possibly the smallest of three companies but it is currently investing millions of dollars expanding it's coverage.

3G service was announced by Beeline in the summer of 2008. Viva Cell MTS announced theirs in October 2008. Both Viva Cell MTS and Beeline claim to cover 90% of the Armenian population with 2G services and up to 60% with their 3G services. Orange currently has the smallest 3G coverage but it is rapidly growing. The 2G coverage of Orange is of around 70% of the population, but the 3G coverage of Orange only covers the capital Yerevan and the two second biggest cities of Gyumri and Vanadzor. All of these networks are rapidly growing and expanding their coverage of both 2G and 3G services.

Armenia's Viva Cell MTS switched on their 4G (LTE) network in January 2012, making them the first operator to do so in Armenia.

Rank Operator Technology Subscribers
1 Viva Cell GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, LTE 1,750,000 (June 2011)

1,800,000 (March 2012)

MTS (100%)
2 Beeline GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA. 550,000 (June 2011)

600,000 (March 2012)

VimpelCom (90%). Armenian Government (10%)
3 Orange GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA. 330,000 (June 2011)

400,000 (March 2012)

Subsidiary of France Télécom (100%)

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