Wholesale Price of Lee Citrus

Date Location Origin Package Variety Subvariety Item Size Grade Type Unit of Sale Quality Condition Appearance Low-High Price
12/18/2020 COLUMBIA FLORIDA 4/5 bushel cartons 120s $28.00 - $28.00 Chart
12/18/2020 COLUMBIA FLORIDA 4/5 bushel cartons 80s $26.00 - $26.00 Chart

About this report

Wholesale market reports on fruits and vegetables are issued daily based on information gathered at 13 major U.S. cities. These reports show price data on commodities traded at the local wholesale market level. Prices reported in wholesale markets are those received by wholesalers for sales in quantities of less than a carload or truckload, for product that is of good merchantable quality and condition, unless otherwise described.

Source: United States Department of Agriculture