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PlaceStateLatitudeLongitudeElevation (meters)Elevation (feet)
Ban Tak DaetChangwat Nakhon Nayok14.2666667101.06666671652
Ban Tak DaetChangwat Buriram14.6666667102.8166667177581
Ban Tak DaetChangwat)) ((Ubon Ratchathani15.5833333105.1833333150492
Ban Tak DaetChangwat Nakhon Si Thammarat8.1100.25516
Ban Tak DaetChangwat Ratchaburi13.6666667100.0666667413
Ban Tak DaetChangwat Sara Buri14.5100.851446
Ban Tak Daet (1)Changwat Sara Buri14.5666667100.81343
Ban Tak Daet (1)Changwat Pathum Thani14.0666667100.5166667516
Ban Tak Daet (1)Changwat Phichit16.3833333100.583333355180
Ban Tak WaengChangwat Trat12.55102.51666673098
Ban Tak Waeng BonChangwat Trat12.5702778102.555555637121
Ban Tak Waeng KlangChangwat Trat12.5594444102.543333342138
Ban Tak Waeng LangChangwat Trat12.5583333102.52472222375
Ban TakaiChangwat Buriram15.1333333102.9333333171561
Ban TakangChangwat Trat12.2166667102.633333313
Ban TakaoNA14.4666667103.5209686
Ban Takat NgaoChangawat Chanthaburi12.5666667101.966666713
Ban Takat Ta LuaChangwat Rayong12.6833333101.6826
Ban TakhaChangwat Suphan Buri14.3666667100.1666667516
Ban TakhianChangwat Nakhon Si Thammarat8.783333399.9333333516

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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