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Political parties and leaders: parties in the Parliament:
Direction-Social Democracy or Smer-SD [Robert FICO]
Bridge or Most-Hid [Bela BUGAR]
Freedom and Solidarity or SaS [Richard SULIK]
Network or Siet [Roman BRECELY]
Ordinary People and Independent Personalities - New Majority or OLaNO-NOVA [Igor MATOVIC]
People's Party - Our Slovakia or LS-NS [Marian KOTLEBA]
Slovak National Party or SNS [Andrej DANKO]
We Are Family or Sme-Rodina [Boris KOLLAR]

selected parties outside the Parliament:
Christian Democratic Movement or KDH [Alojz HLINA]
Party of the Hungarian Coalition or SMK [Jozsef MENYHART]

Definition: This entry includes a listing of significant political organizations and their leaders.

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