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Political parties and leaders: Christian-Democratic National Peasants' Party or PNT-CD [Aurelian PAVELESCU]
Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania or UDMR [Hunor KELEMEN]
Ecologist Party of Romania [Danut POP]
Greater Romania Party [Adrian POPESCU]
M10 Party [Monica MACOVEI]
National Liberal Party or PNL [Raluca TURCAN]
New Republic Party or NR [Alin Ioan BOTA]
Our Romania Alliance [Marian MUNTEANU]
Popular Movement Party or PMP [Traian BASESCU]
Party of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats or ALDE [Calin POPESCU TARICEANU, Daniel CONSTANTIN]
Romanian Social Party or PSRo [Mircea GEOANA]
Save Romania Union Party or USR [Nicusor DAN]
Social Democratic Party or PSD [Liviu DRAGNEA]
United Romania Party or PRU [vacant, previously Bogdan DIACONU]

Definition: This entry includes a listing of significant political organizations and their leaders.

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