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History is often revised to advance political or ideological agendas
In 1989, when the communist government of Russia fell into disarry, Yugoslavia (which united different ethnic nationalities) disintegrated. As a result, Serbia emerged as an independent nation and made attempts to infuse the spirit of nationalism among its people.(1/25/2015 1:39:22 AM)
Witness in Slobodan Milosevic war crimes trial to sue over treatment
The former lawyer in Serbia, who now works in Marks & Spencer in a northern English town, says her entire former life was erased and she was left living in a council house on benefits.(1/2/2015 4:27:40 AM)
Serb movie about feral child fate exposes absurdity of war
BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — He could have been a Serb, a Croat, or a Muslim. It didn't really matter. Not until the war broke out.(1/20/2015 4:47:48 AM)
International court to give verdict in Croatia-Serbia genocide case
(1/22/2015 10:24:50 AM)
Kosovo backtracks on bid to take control of mining giant
The Trepca complex of lead, zinc and silver mines once employed 20,000 people and accounted for the majority of the former Yugoslavia's mineral wealth.(1/19/2015 8:42:39 AM)
Boko Haram's excuse: God made me do it
To the editor: It seems this God fellow is responsible for a lot of killing around the world. ("Leader of Boko Haram says God told him to carry out massacre," Jan. 21)(1/25/2015 1:14:19 AM)
Morning Star :: Poignant allegory of Yugoslav collapse
Tena Stivicic “was born in Yugoslavia but woke up in Croatia,” according to novelist Dubravka Ugresic and 3 Winters is a painfully honest, insightful and deeply intelligent stab at reconciling this personal and historic fissure.(1/12/2015 8:08:27 PM)
PROFILE Grabar-Kitarovic: From underdog to Croatia's first female president By Boris Babic, dpa
(1/12/2015 6:02:54 AM)
Serbian music stars face sudden tax scrutiny
By Aleksandar Vasovic BELGRADE (Reuters) - Tax inspectors in Serbia have turned their attention to a parade of local pop and folk music stars summoned to explain their earnings and extravagant lifestyles in the wake of a government pledge to rein in a vast gray economy. For the past week, a succession of singers have been pictured in tabloids turning up at the offices of Serbia's tax authority ...(1/16/2015 10:34:37 AM)
Equatorial Guinea use great Danes of 1992 as inspiration
Hosts Equatorial Guinea are drawing inspiration from Denmark, who won the 1992 European Championship after being reinstated at the last minute, in their Africa Cup of Nations pursuit. Equatorial Guinea were originally disqualified from the 2015 Nations Cup for fielding an ineligible player, but are now staging the tournament proper as a last-minute replacement for Morocco, who were stripped of ...(1/24/2015 1:59:57 PM)
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