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Taiwan ready to buy US missile frigates amid South China Sea spats
US President Barack Obama’s approval to sell guided-missile frigates to Taiwan will not alter China's major military advantage over the island it has long called a "renegade" province. But a sale represents the first significant self-defense purchase by Taiwan in three years, and brought an expected rebuke by China.(12/19/2014 12:53:48 PM)
China lodges protest after Obama approves Taiwan frigate sale
BEIJING (Reuters) - China said on Friday it had lodged a protest with the United States after President Barack Obama signed into law legislation authorizing the sale of up to four Perry-class guided missile frigates to Taiwan. Foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said the Taiwan issue was one of China's core interests and remained the most important and most sensitive issue in Sino-U.S. ties ...(12/19/2014 3:24:42 AM)
Taiwan's ruling party bullish on China ties despite poll setback
The sole leadership candidate for Taiwan's ruling party, Eric Chu, said he would keep pushing for stronger ties with China even though its Beijing-friendly policy was blamed for its worst-ever local election setback.(12/21/2014 7:19:24 AM)
Uber Declared Illegal in Taiwan After 63 Fines Issued
Uber Technologies Inc. is violating Taiwan’s laws and will continue to attract penalties after more than 60 fines were issued against the company and its drivers, the minister of transportation and communications said.(12/19/2014 6:13:12 PM)
Taiwan grateful to Obama for approving frigates sale
TAIPEI - Taiwan yesterday expressed gratitude to the United States government after US President Barack Obama on Thursday signed a piece of legislation that authorizes the sale of four Perry-class frigates to meet Taiwan's defensive needs. Ministry of National Defence (MND) spokesman Luo Shao-ho thanked for US strong support to Taiwan. The move "demonstrates the US commitment to our security in ...(12/19/2014 11:24:06 PM)
U.S. moves closer to sale of frigates to Taiwan; Beijing protests
President Obama has signed a measure allowing the U.S. government to sell four used frigates to Taiwan, the Defense Ministry in Taipei said Friday. The news prompted an angry response from China, which considers Taiwan part of its territory and resents foreign efforts to boost the self-ruled...(12/19/2014 11:11:05 AM)
Taiwan gas blasts blamed on 'multiple human errors'
Prosecutors said deadly gas explosions in Taiwan were caused by "multiple human errors" Thursday as they charged 12 people over the blasts, including the head of a chemical company and government officials. The disaster killed 32 people and wounded more than 300 in southern Kaohsiung city as explosions in underground pipelines sparked massive fires on July 31 and left trenches running down the ...(12/18/2014 10:42:45 AM)
Taiwan fishing boats reportedly detained now safe: Officials
TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwanese fishing boats that were reportedly detained by the Indonesian Coast Guard on Friday are safe, Taiwan's fishery authorities said yesterday. The Taiwanese Council of Fisheries within the Department of Agriculture announced yesterday that only one of the four ships was confirmed to be in Indonesian waters, but each one has reported to Taiwanese authorities. The other two ...(12/20/2014 11:32:17 PM)
Alibaba boss taps up Taiwan youth amid protests
Anti-Beijing protesters chanted outside a high-level business meeting in Taiwan Monday where the founder of China's e-commerce giant Alibaba called on the island's youth to start businesses on the mainland. Trade with China is a particularly sensitive topic as fears grow over the mainland's increased influence on Taiwan -- a factor which contributed to the ruling Beijing-friendly party's worst ...(12/15/2014 4:19:41 PM)
Taiwan's TSMC optimistic for 2015, could help China develop chip industry
TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan's Morris Chang, the founder of the world's largest contract chipmaker, said on Monday he is upbeat about the global semiconductor outlook for 2015 and that his firm could play a helpful role as China develops its own chip industry. "We expect to be able to play a supportive role in the recent mainland semiconductor plan," the chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor ...(12/15/2014 2:04:01 AM)
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