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Georgia says Russia bent on 'creeping annexation' of breakaway regions
By Adrian Croft BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Russia is moving ahead with the "creeping annexation" of two breakaway Georgian regions as part of an aggressive strategy to broaden its influence in the region, Georgia's foreign minister said on Thursday. In talks with EU and NATO officials in Brussels this week, Tamar Beruchashvili said she had underlined Georgia's concern about agreements Moscow has ...(2/26/2015 5:44:20 PM)
Chinese diplomat tells West to consider Russia's security concerns over Ukraine
Western powers should take into consideration Russia's legitimate security concerns over Ukraine, a top Chinese diplomat has said in an unusually frank and open display of support for Moscow's position in the crisis. Qu Xing, China's ambassador to Belgium, was quoted by state news agency Xinhua late on Thursday as blaming competition between Russia and the West for the Ukraine crisis, urging ...(2/27/2015 3:46:35 AM)
Russia to use International Space Station till 2024
Russia will continue using the International Space Station in partnership with NASA until 2024, its space agency said, after Moscow had threatened to pull out and stop financing it by 2020. Roscosmos has finalised a plan for its activities up to 2030 which "provides for the use of the ISS until 2024," the space agency said in a statement late Tuesday. NASA had already said the ageing ISS will ...(2/25/2015 3:21:16 PM)
Russia, Cyprus sign military deal on use of Mediterranean ports
(This February 25 story was corrected to show Russia lost $151 billion in capital outflows last year, not Cyprus) MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Cypriot counterpart Nicos Anastasiades signed an agreement on Wednesday to give Russian military ships access to Cypriot ports. For example regarding the entrance of our ships to Cypriot ports," Putin told journalists. Ties ...(2/26/2015 8:02:29 AM)
Russia could cut off gas to Ukraine by 'end of week'
Russia could cut off supplies to neighboring Ukraine by the end of the week if it does not get further payments from the country, state-owned gas company Gazprom said Thursday. Spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov ...(2/26/2015 10:53:13 AM)
Russia confirms will attend gas talks with EU, Ukraine
Russia has confirmed that it will attend talks with the European Union and Ukraine on Monday aimed at resolving a bitter gas supply dispute which threatens deliveries to Europe. Russian state-owned gas giant Gazprom threatened this week to cut deliveries to Ukraine over a dispute related to Moscow's move to start direct supplies to eastern parts of the country controlled by pro-Kremlin rebels ...(2/27/2015 2:58:15 AM)
Russia's Khodorkovsky: Putin is a 'naked king' facing economic ruin
By Dmitry Zhdannikov LONDON (Reuters) - Former Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky said on Thursday Vladimir Putin was a "naked king" presiding over an economy that will weaken further, eventually provoking a battle between rival clans in Moscow. "Putin with bare chest isn't a mighty leader: He is a naked king," Khodorkovsky, once Russia's richest man who was arrested in 2003 after falling foul ...(2/26/2015 4:15:13 PM)
Russia's Insider Traders Know Putin's Plans
At first glance, President Vladimir Putin's Russia may seem like a traditional rogue dictatorship whose actions are impossible to predict. In reality, it's a crony capitalist state with relatively open markets. That means you can always know what's going to happen slightly in advance by following the financial dealings of insiders. Two Ph.D. students at Cornell, Felipe Silva and Ekaterina ...(2/25/2015 11:02:27 AM)
Russia to tap $50 billion from Reserve Fund as deficit balloons
Russia plans to spend more than $50 billion (32 billion pounds) from its emergency Reserve Fund in 2015 as falling oil prices and a slumping economy cause the government's deficit to rise. First Deputy Finance Minister Tatiana Nesterenko said on Friday the government would ask parliament to allow the spending of up to 3.2 trillion roubles (34 billion pounds) from the Reserve Fund in 2015 ...(2/27/2015 6:29:39 AM)
Russia's ruble slides on 'junk' rating downgrade
Russia's ruble and stock market showed renewed weakness Tuesday in response to sliding oil prices and a downgrade to "junk" status of its sovereign debt by Moody's. The global rating agency announced after trading in Moscow finished on Friday that it expected Russia to experience a "deep recession" this year and continued economic contraction in 2016. Russia's markets were closed for a public ...(2/24/2015 1:58:50 PM)
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