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Niger drops sex education from syllabus at Muslim leaders' urging
By Abdoulaye Massalaki and Misha Hussain NIAMEY/DAKAR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The Niger government has withdrawn a course on sexual and reproductive health from the school syllabus after Islamic organisations said the teachings were contrary to the country's values. The predominantly Muslim nation of 17 million has the highest fertility rate in the world, an average of around eight ...(10/30/2014 9:46:48 AM)
Niger says insurgents kill nine members of security forces
NIAMEY (Reuters) - At least nine members of Niger's security forces were killed in attacks by unidentified insurgents on Thursday in the western Tillabéry region near the border with Mali, the government said. "Terrorist elements carried out simultaneous attacks in Tillabéry. Five policemen, two gendarmes and two national guards were killed," it said in the statement signed by the West African ...(10/31/2014 2:37:15 AM)
9 Niger security forces killed in militant attacks
NIAMEY, Niger (AP) — Niger's military says nine security forces have been killed in three simultaneous attacks in the country near the border with Mali.(10/30/2014 1:46:10 PM)
Niger's embassy in Libya 'surrounded' by heavily armed militia
Niger said Tuesday its embassy in Libya was surrounded by heavily armed militias, possibly in response to unfounded rumours that Nigerien forces had entered the Libyan embassy in Niamey. The militias encircled the mission in the capital Tripoli in the early hours of Tuesday, resulting in "diplomatic personnel, including the ambassador, being confined," the secretary general of Niger's foreign ...(10/28/2014 3:28:58 PM)
9 Niger security forces killed in simultaneous attacks on prison, refugee camp, patrol
Niger's military says nine security forces have been killed in three simultaneous attacks in the country near the border with Mali.(10/30/2014 2:08:52 PM)
Niger cholera outbreak kills 51 people
Niger has seen more than 1,300 cases of cholera since the beginning of the year, with 51 people dying of the disease, the United Nations said Monday. In September alone there were 38 reported deaths from cholera, said the UN's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in the capital of Niamey on its website. The spike in the number of cholera deaths was due in part of heavy ...(10/27/2014 5:39:00 PM)
Niger buys 'spy plane' to combat Sahel militants
NIAMEY (Reuters) - The government of Niger has purchased a reconnaissance plane as part of its effort to combat Islamist fighters and criminal gangs operating on its vast territory, the West African country's interior minister said on Wednesday. Located in the arid Sahel band and with porous borders with Mali, Libya and Nigeria, smugglers and Islamic militants regularly crisscross Niger's ...(10/22/2014 6:32:48 PM)
US drone crashes at Niger airport
Niamey (AFP) - A US drone crash-landed at Niger's main airport for unknown reasons on Monday, the US army said, forcing the closure of the runway for several hours.(10/20/2014 3:37:40 PM)
French forces launch raid in Niger against al Qaeda units
By John Irish PARIS (Reuters) - French forces destroyed a convoy in Niger transporting weapons from Libya to Mali and captured fighters linked to al Qaeda, the presidency said on Friday as France steps up efforts to stop militants crisscrossing the Sahel-Sahara region. Paris, which has led efforts to push back Islamist fighters in the region since intervening in its former colony Mali last year ...(10/10/2014 12:27:19 PM)
Cholera outbreak kills dozens in Niger
Niger witnesses spike in cholera with 38 dying in the month of September alone, taking this year's toll to 51.(10/27/2014 5:49:11 PM)
Source: Yahoo