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Opera star Montserrat Caballé to pay fine to avoid jail for tax evasion
Spanish soprano to hand over an expected further €250,000 after already returning the €500,000 she withheld in 2010(11/6/2014 6:14:30 AM)
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Suresh Sookoo, CEO, RBC Financial (Caribbean) Ltd, left, chats with 15-year-old Warren Cassell of Montserrat, CEO of the Abella Group. Cassell was in Trinidad on an invitation from Laventille NGO Waby for a series of youth-focused engagements. At right is Warren’s father, Warren Cassell Snr.(11/6/2014 12:35:58 AM)
Pine students raise more than 2,000 items in food drive
MICHIGAN CITY – Students from Pine Elementary School obtained 2,104 items in a Thanksgiving food drive after competing among the grade levels to raise the most. The fifth-grade students came in first(11/26/2014 12:25:00 PM)
Miss Marple on the trail of calypso killer
One of the leading characters in a new drama entitled A Caribbean Mystery is called Bond, James Bond.(11/28/2014 11:30:50 AM)
Marple on trail of calypso killer
One of the leading characters in a new drama entitled A Caribbean Mystery is called Bond, James Bond. But this is not a new 007 movie, bristling with spies, guns and glamorous women. In fact, Bond is not even the principal figure in this film. No, that honour goes to Miss Marple.(11/27/2014 8:12:21 PM)
Were Columbus, Cervantes and Leonardo da Vinci really Catalan?
Regional research group posits that history was altered by Spanish powers-that-be as part of conspiracy(11/26/2014 12:27:58 PM)
Spanish Star Isabel Pantoja Headed to Jail
Isabel Pantoja, one of Spain's best-known singers and a pop-culture icon throughout the Spanish-speaking world, is expected to turn herself in at a...(11/11/2014 6:01:03 PM)
Catalan nun sees independence as a chance to implement radical change
In the past, Teresa Forcades’s views have drawn Vatican reprimands(11/7/2014 8:17:46 PM)
Robertson Treatment Syndicated Column (RTSC): Discover Antigua
*The islands of the Caribbean consistently rank among the top international travel destinations for American tourists. However, most Stateside travelers to the region limit their experiences to just four islands: Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bahamas and Puerto Rico, without considering the rich and memorable vacation experiences that can be found on other islands. Over the next […](11/11/2014 9:58:38 AM)
‘LEGO Lady’ to be honored
The Mathematics Department at Marshall University can calculate just about any number, but even all together it would be a tough chore to calculate the number of students impacted by Linda Hamilton.(11/8/2014 12:37:58 AM)
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