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Maldives deports 6,400 migrant workers in 2014
Male, July 23 (IANS) Maldivian immigration officials deported 6,400 migrant workers in 2014 and are holding another 159 in detention, an official said Wednesday. Besides a handful arrested over criminal offences, the others were all undocumented migrant workers, some having worked illegally for over 10 years, Xinhua reported. A Maldives immigration official said that legal action would also be ...(7/23/2014 3:56:22 AM)
Maldives requests for Lankan doctors, nurses
Maldivian Health Minister Dr. Mariyam Shakeela requested Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena for the services of Sri Lankan doctors and nurses for Maldivian hospitals.(7/21/2014 7:17:04 PM)
China offers to train Maldives maritime personnel
China has offered to train maritime personnel in the Maldives as well as boost its involvement in infrastructure projects in the island nation, as Beijing moves forward with plans to deepen its ec...(7/22/2014 11:19:53 AM)
Maldives court denies deportation of Pakistani criminals
Colombo, July 5 (IANS) A Maldives court has denied ordering the deportation of two Pakistanis caught by police in the biggest drug bust in the history of the country, a statement said Friday. Four Maldivians, three Bangladeshis, and 11 Pakistanis were taken into custody March 10 with 24 kg of heroin, which local media quoted police as saying was "the largest amount of drugs seized in a police ...(7/4/2014 10:22:17 PM)
The Galle Face Hotels group is planning to branch out to the Maldives soon. The recently appointed Group General Manager of Galle Face Hotel Management Company, Tony Fleming said the group was hunting for a property to invest in a hotel project in the Maldives.(7/22/2014 7:04:00 PM)
NEW DELHI, 3 Julai (Bernama) -- Rakyat Maldives membelanjakan kira-kiraUS$191 juta untuk keluar negara terutama bagi mendapatkan kemudahan perubatanlebih baik, bercuti dan pendidikan dengan India, Sri Lanka dan Malaysia sebagaidestinasi utama. Warga negara kepulauan itu membelanjakan US$70 juta untuk perubatan,US$64 juta ketika bercuti dan US$47 juta lagi membiayai pendidikan, kata laporan ...(7/3/2014 3:14:30 AM)
Son of Russian lawmaker nabbed in Maldives on U.S. fraud charges
Russian officials on Tuesday accused the United States of kidnapping the 30-year-old son of a Moscow lawmaker after detaining him in the Maldives and flying him to Guam to face charges of trafficking in stolen credit card information.(7/8/2014 7:16:44 PM)
Americans "arrested" Roman Seleznyov without legal instruments - witness
US continues to ignore international law, procedural standards, diplomatic conventions and multi-lateral agreements. Roman Seleznyov was literally kidnapped by the US from the Maldives. We spoke to a witness to get a clearer picture of what actually happened.(7/20/2014 7:53:48 AM)
Maldives seeks Sri Lanka's assistance in developing Defence Services
Defence and National Security Minister of Maldives Col (Ret.) Mohamed Nazim requested Sri Lanka's help to acquire knowledge, training and other facilities to develop the defence services in the Maldives.(6/27/2014 3:47:19 PM)
Maldives Denies Russian Claims That Secret Service Kidnapped a Politician's Son
Rei (128717) writes As was previously reported here, the Russian government has accused the U.S. Secret Service of kidnapping the son of ultranationalist LDPR MP Valery Seleznev in the Maldives. The son, Roman Seleznev, stands accused of running one of the world's largest carding operations, with others charged in the affair having already been convicted; however, Roman had until recently been ...(7/10/2014 11:53:37 AM)
Source: Yahoo