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Indian Ocean News Headlines

Western Indian Ocean communities play vital role in conservation
( University of York ) An international team of researchers led by the University of York has carried out the first assessment of community-led marine conservation in the Western Indian Ocean. The results, reported in the journal PLOS ONE, point to a revolution in the management of marine protected areas, with almost half of the sites -- more than 11,000 km² -- in the region now under local ...(7/24/2014 11:01:50 AM)
Rower returns home after scalding accident
One of the seven Indian Ocean rowers who set out from Geraldton for Africa on June 11 has been evacuated after receiving extensive burns to his thigh and arm when a hot water container spilled on him in rough seas.(7/23/2014 1:02:04 AM)
Luck smiled on wild ocean rescue
Added danger to Indian Ocean world record attempt when a bulk carrier had to rescue an injured rower.(7/23/2014 2:40:00 PM)
Global Rescue Successfully Rescues Indian Ocean Rower
Global Rescue, a crisis response firm providing medical, security, evacuation, and travel risk management services to corporations, governments and individuals, has coordinated the(7/16/2014 4:52:00 PM)
Mausam to link 10 Gujarat sites to Indian Ocean world
Close to 10 coastal sites in Gujarat will be part of India's efforts to inscribe them as 'transnational property' on the World Heritage List of Unesco.(7/23/2014 7:53:09 PM)
Australian government: Pirates of the Indian Ocean
The Australian government continues to break the law with its actions against asylum seekers.(7/24/2014 7:12:49 AM)
The world's major air crashes
As the world aviation industry reels from a black week, in which three planes have been lost, below are the major air crashes around the world over the last 15 years. --2014-- - March 8: THE INDIAN OCEAN ...(7/24/2014 3:15:59 PM)
Malaysia to deploy more equipment in MH370 search
Malaysia will send more equipment to the southern Indian Ocean to join the search for Flight MH370 which went missing four months ago, a minister said Sunday. Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said a Malaysian navy ship equipped with a multi-beam echo sounder -- a device to map the ocean floor -- would set sail on August 4 for the deep-sea search zone far off western Australia. State energy ...(7/6/2014 3:05:36 PM)
Students who made drunken bet to row the Indian Ocean (with no experience) and set world record now become film stars
James Adair and Ben Stenning, both 32, made the drunken wager while studying English and history at prestigious St Andrews University in 2004. And then surprised everyone when they decided to act on it....(7/7/2014 1:38:39 PM)
El Nino may be on hold but monsoon stares an Indian Ocean 'bump'
The El Nino event generated by the warming of the tropical Pacific Ocean has not still got the desired response from the atmosphere to make it the ‘feared wholesome’ for the Indian monsoon. ...(7/15/2014 2:52:00 AM)
Source: Yahoo