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Why Iceland banned beer
A century ago, Iceland introduced full prohibition. Within a decade, red wine had been legalised, followed by spirits in the 1930s. But beer remained off-limits until 1989. Why?(2/28/2015 7:10:33 PM)
Immerse Yourself in Icelandic Culture During Taste of Iceland in Boston March 12-16
Taste of Iceland, an annual festival that celebrates Iceland’s vibrant culture, returns to Boston with a series of events from March 12-16, 2015. Presented by Iceland Naturally, the five-day event highlights the best of Icelandic food, music and culture, giving Bostonians a taste of what life is like in Iceland.(2/25/2015 9:30:00 AM)
Iceland convicts bad bankers and says other nations can act
STOCKHOLM/REYKJAVIK (Reuters) - Iceland's Supreme Court has upheld convictions of market manipulation for four former executives of the failed Kaupthing bank in a landmark case that the country's special prosecutor said showed it was possible to crack down on fraudulent bankers. Hreidar Mar Sigurdsson, Kaupthing's former chief executive, former chairman Sigurdur Einarsson, former CEO of ...(2/13/2015 3:42:46 AM)
Icelandic volcano eruption ends; threat to aviation reduced
REYKJAVIK, Iceland (AP) — Iceland officials say the eruption of the Bardarbunga volcano that began in August has come to an end.(2/28/2015 7:55:01 AM)
Iceland jails Kaupthing bankers for market manipulation
Iceland's Supreme Court has upheld prison sentences for four Kaupthing bank executives, the heaviest sentences for financial fraud in Iceland's history, for their role in the nation's devastating 2008 ...(2/13/2015 8:49:40 AM)
Iceland’s ‘Bakka Brothers’ may be back in business
Lydur and Agust Gudmundsson are among a handful of “business Vikings” renowned financiers and entrepreneurs who blazed an international trail of debt-fuelled dealmaking during the country’s extraordinary ...(2/28/2015 11:12:38 AM)
English-Language Radio Iceland on the Air
A new Icelandic English-language radio station, Radio Iceland, went live last week, broadcasting news about Iceland, weather updates, information on road conditions and Icelandic music, along with interviews with noteworthy people and stories about Iceland.(2/28/2015 10:25:03 AM)
Iceland beer fest hot ticket for locals
Two of Portland’s most popular craft brewers are making a splash halfway around the globe this month. Breakside Brewery and Hopworks Urban Brewery are heading to Iceland Feb. 26-27 for the nation’s annual beer festival, marking 26 years Icelanders have been allowed to drink beer. The brewers will ...(2/26/2015 10:56:01 AM)
Calls for Dedicated Asylum Seeker Center in Iceland
Iceland needs a dedicated reception center for asylum seekers, according to acting head of the Directorate of Immigration, Þorsteinn Gunnarsson.(2/27/2015 6:02:13 AM)
Northern academics, artists gather in Iceland to talk about darkness
People from northern nations are in Iceland talking about the role darkness plays in northern countries. Inuk artist and Yellowknife resident Tiffany Ayalik spoke at the conference in Reykjavík on Friday providing a Canadian Inuit perspective. Ayalik acknowledges that long hours of darkness during the winter is difficult for some. "Especially for people who are new to the North, it can be really ...(2/28/2015 3:28:44 PM)
Source: Yahoo