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Gabon Announces World's Newest Underwater Reserve, Rich in Threatened Wildlife
The protected area will cover 18,000 square miles of ocean—home to great hammerhead sharks, manta rays, whale sharks, and tiger sharks.(11/13/2014 12:15:51 PM)
Gabon: Identity Politics At Work
[ISS]The nationality and parentage of heads of state is a sensitive issue all over the world, and especially in Africa.(11/18/2014 4:56:17 AM)
Gabon/Angola: Group C Still Wide Open
[Independent (Lagos)]Group C that has Gabon, Burkina Faso, Angola and Lesotho is a group that is still wide open to all the four teams. But Lesotho with two points stands an outside chance of qualifying. Gabon, which tops the group with eight points, needs a win to book its ticket. And today it will be guest of Angola that is placed third with four points in the group. Gabon won the first leg 1 ...(11/16/2014 10:10:33 AM)
Aubameyang to miss Gabon qualifier
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will miss Gabon's Nations Cup match against Angola because he has not been released by his club.(11/13/2014 10:28:24 AM)
Gabon says pays investors more than $700 million in arrears
LIBREVILLE (Reuters) - Gabon has paid back more than $700 million in debt owed to private companies and plans to make another payment by the end of 2014, the Presidency said on Wednesday. Investors in the oil, timber and construction sectors have complained that the oil-rich Central African state is years behind in payments to local operators, though none were prepared to go on the record. The ...(11/12/2014 12:42:25 PM)
Mapping the World's (Few) Protected Seas
Gabon and the U.S. have new marine reserves, but just a fraction of the seas are protected.(11/17/2014 4:30:51 PM)
Government of Gabon Announces the Decision to Create A New Marine Protected Area Network -- Covering About 23 Percent ...
The Government of Gabon has announced the decision to create a new marine protected area network of ten marine parks covering more than 18,000 square miles (over 46,000 square kilometres) that will safeguard whales, sea turtles, and other marine species inhabiting the country's coastal and offshore ecosystems -- a network of marine parks covering about 23% of Gabon's territorial waters and EEZ ...(11/12/2014 9:28:23 AM)
City set to lose Manga for several weeks in New Year
Gabon qualify for African Cup of Nations.(11/20/2014 4:22:22 PM)
Canadian Ebola vaccine to be tested in Europe, Gabon, Kenya
LONDON (Reuters) - Trials of an experimental vaccine developed by the Canadian government and licensed to NewLink Genetics will begin swiftly in healthy volunteers in Europe, Gabon and Kenya, under a program with funding from the Wellcome Trust. A $5 million grant from the medical charity will allow several global partners, overseen by the World Health Organization (WHO), to gather essential ...(10/29/2014 10:09:53 AM)
Air France Seeks to Add Direct Flights to Mozambique and Gabon
Air France-KLM Group (AF) has started talks with the governments of Mozambique and Gabon to open two new direct flights from Paris within the next two years. The routes would be to Maputo, Mozambique, and Port Gentil, one of the centers for oil in Gabon, Senior Vice President Frank Legre said in an interview in Ivory Coast's commercial capital, Abidjan, today. Air France operates a flight from ...(10/27/2014 12:24:09 PM)
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