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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has recommended that Estonia should reduce its labor tax wedge to boost the economy.(1/30/2015 8:24:31 AM)
5 Guantanamo prisoners released, sent to Estonia and Oman
MIAMI (AP) — Five men from Yemen were freed from the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, after more than a dozen years of captivity and sent to Estonia and Oman for resettlement, U.S. officials said Wednesday, the latest in a wave of releases that have alarmed congressional opponents of closing the detention center.(1/14/2015 11:06:25 PM)
US sends five Guantanamo prisoners to Oman, Estonia
The United States has transferred five men from its Guantanamo Bay prison, the Pentagon said Wednesday, in a renewed push by President Barack Obama toward closing the controversial jail. Four of the inmates were sent to Oman, while one was sent to Estonia, according to Pentagon statements. The four men sent to Oman are Al Khadr Abdallah Muhammad Al Yafi, Fadel Hussein Saleh Hentif, Abd Al-Rahman ...(1/15/2015 4:42:50 AM)
ERC - Human Erc logo planned for Estonian Corner at Rally Liepāja
A very special human ERC logo will be formed at Estonian Corner on SS2 of next week’s Rally Liepāja – and filmed from above by a Eursport helicopter!(1/29/2015 11:11:37 AM)
Estonia’s Growing Demand for US Military Equipment ‘Organic, Logical’
The commander of the Estonian Defense League commented on the US approval of a possible $55 million sale of the Javelin anti-tank missile system to Estonia, saying that purchase of additional US military equipment was a part of normal and logical approach to defense systems.(1/23/2015 7:11:44 PM)
Oscars: Estonia, Mauritania Get First Foreign-Language Nominations
Poland earns its latest nomination with 'Ida,' but it has never won before.(1/15/2015 12:00:16 AM)
Afghan cabinet nominee wanted for tax evasion in Estonia
Afghanistan has launched an investigation after it emerged that President Ashraf Ghani's nominee for agriculture minister was wanted for tax evasion in Estonia, an official said on Sunday. According to Interpol's website, Mohammad Yaqub Haidari, 52, is wanted for "large-scale tax evasion, fraudulent conversion" in a case dating back to 2003.(1/18/2015 1:19:04 AM)
Estonia Producer Prices Fall Further In December
Estonia's producer prices continued to decline in December, but at a slower pace than from the previous month, figures from Statistics Estonia showed Tuesday.(1/20/2015 2:09:00 AM)
Russia, Sweden win ski team sprints
OTEPAA, Estonia (AP) — Russia and Sweden won men's and women's World Cup cross-country skiing team sprints Sunday, showing good form ahead of next month's world championships.(1/18/2015 7:19:35 AM)
Polish, Baltic Lawmakers Discuss Living off Russian Electrical Grid
Polish and Baltic lawmakers have met in Estonia to discuss what it takes to go off Russia’s power grid and start generating their own electricity, the head of Estonia’s EU Affairs Committee said Saturday.(1/12/2015 12:32:58 PM)
Source: Yahoo